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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about ok butler, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce ok butler, let us take a look together Bar. KTV butler service standard? KTV butler service standard? 1. When serving, we must keep in mind the principles of ladies first, gentlemen and old people first. 2. When receiving the products sent by the carrier, you should check whether the products are correct. If the products are frozen, you should prepare a coaster. 3. When you meet a guest talking, you should say: "I'm sorry." Before serving the drink, remind the guest to pay attention to avoid accidents. After serving the product, you should say to the guest: "Please take it slowly." and leave in a retreat style. 4. Kneel down on one knee when serving products to facilitate service. When taking out the products from the tray, you should face the side of the guest, and move your left hand to the outside to keep the tray parallel and the body balanced. Pay attention to the occasion when you take out the product. If the guest is singing, you should not block the guest's sight. 5. Pay attention to replace the smoke cup in time and help the guests to add drinks at any time. With the consent of the guests, take away the empty fruit plate, unused wine glasses, empty wine bottles and clean up the debris on the table in time to keep the table clean. 6. Whether it is serving products for guests or cleaning the countertops, trays must be used. 7. If ingredients and sauces are required for production, they should be served together with the food. 8. After placing the order, be sure to repeat the order to prevent mistakes and reduce mistakes. 9. If an employee leaves the post due to an accident, he must inform his colleagues or superiors and ask for assistance to avoid a "vacuum" phenomenon. 10. When serving, you must do: eye, hand, leg, and mouth. At the same time, you should also: "Move the mouth to the paper towel, smoke to the lighter, and sound to thank you." 11. When preparing foreign wine, you should consult the opinions of the guests, whether it is strong or light. 12. If the guests change seats, they should provide follow-up service in time. 13. When serving beer, after pouring a round of wine, 5-6 bottles should be opened in the large room, 2-3 bottles in the middle room, and 1-2 bottles in the small room. Find the corresponding location and put them away for the convenience of the next round Pour wine. 14. When the guest has 2-3 drinks left, ask the guest in time if they need to add drinks. 15. Pallets are not allowed on stage at any time. 16. When serving products, they should go up from the right side of the guests. If there are many people in the room, it can be handled flexibly according to the actual situation. Finally, hold the lower end of the cup with your right hand and place it gently on the stage to avoid collision sounds. At the same time, report the name of the product to avoid mistakes. 17. After getting up from the product, you should say to the guest: "Please take it slowly." and leave in a backward style. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the ok housekeeper. I hope that the one-point answer about the ok housekeeper will be useful to everyone.

ok butler ktv butler service standard? OK Butler Network

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