Strategy stand-alone game, how many large-scale stand-alone strategy games? , Top 10 real-time strategy stand-alone games

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about strategy stand-alone games, so the editor has sorted out an answer related to introducing strategy stand-alone games , let's take a look. How about a few large stand-alone strategy games? How about a few large stand-alone strategy games? There are many large-scale strategy games, especially in the stand-alone field, and there are all types of games you want to play. The following editor will introduce to you the boutique strategy games in stand-alone games. The "Horse & Blade 2" strategy game has to mention the most anticipated game in 2020: "Horse & Blade 2", which inherits most of the advantages of the previous game, adds new fighting actions, and a new weather system. Of course, the most important thing is that the NPC looks much better than before. In addition, the tavern has added a lot of interactive items. Players can gamble with the heroes and NPCs in the tavern. However, there are still many improvements in the game content. For example, optimization is a big problem. After all, there are too many people involved in a war. "Total War: Three Kingdoms" Total War belongs to a series that includes "Medieval: Total War", "Rome: Total War", "Empire: Total War", "Napoleon: Total War", "Total War: Warhammer", etc. More than ten works, most of the works in the entire series are large-scale strategy stand-alone games. However, the latest is "Total War: Three Kingdoms", which is also the favorite work of many players. It depicts the battle of the Three Kingdoms period. The game uses 3D fighting, which is a large-scale, large-scale battle. For now, "Total War: Three Kingdoms" is the most restored Three Kingdoms game in terms of image quality and combat. P Society 5 Moe P Society 5 Moe refers to: 5 strategy games under Paradox Interactive. The core strategy gameplay is ridiculed by players as P Club 5 cute, and novice players are cute in front of these games. The gameplay of the series is mostly the same, among which "Crusader Kings" is mainly based on RPG, "Hearts of Iron" and "European Universal Universal" are similar in gameplay, the former focuses on national warfare, the latter focuses on territorial expansion, and "Victoria" follows the strategy of history The highlight of the war is that there are more naval battles. "Stars" is quite unique. It is a sci-fi strategy game with the background of the universe. The core gameplay is war chess SLG. The IGN score of "Civilization 6" and "Civilization 6" is 9.4 points. From this point, we can see that it surpasses the scores of the previous work and most strategy games. Among all strategy games, the civilization series may be the most time-consuming one, because it will perform a complete civilization system. In the game, players will control their own country to develop from barbarism to modern civilization. The gameplay of the game adopts a strategic turn-based system , although it is very time-consuming overall, its playability is also very high. For more exciting and fun stand-alone games and stand-alone mobile games, please pay attention to "Fantastic Miscellaneous Tours" 1. "Frostpunk" "Frostpunk" is a new work from the developer of "This War of Mine". It is the first game with the theme of social survival. As the administrator of the last city in the world, you must manage the people and its infrastructure. Clearing "Frostpunk" takes about 15-20 hours. Considering that different policy development directions, different technology tree development priorities, and different difficulties will bring new changes to the game experience to a certain extent-this game can be kept fresh enough for at least 60-70 hours feel. It might not be a time killer on the level of Civilization 6, but it's enough to keep you going for a few days. 2. "Civilization 5" "Civilization 5" is a strategy game. "Civilization 5" released the Demo in September 2010, and it was released in North America on September 21, and in other regions on the 24th. Applying a brand-new game engine, introducing a hexagonal grid mechanism, adopting a brand-new combat system, in-depth diplomatic interaction, and various game functions, players will gain a rich gaming experience. 3. "Civilization 6" "Civilization 6" is a strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and released by 2K Games. This game is the sixth part of the "Civilization" series created by game designer Sid Meier in 2016. It will be officially released on October 21. The core gameplay of the game is to build an empire and stand the test of the times. As players lead civilizations forward bravely across the ages, the "Civilization VI: Rise and Fall" expansion pack debuts with new choices, new strategies, and new challenges. 4. "Stars" "Stars" is developed by Paradox R&D Studio, the developer of the "European Universal Universal" series. Players can explore huge galaxies, launch wars or conquer the universe through diplomatic actions. The game will combine in-depth strategy gameplay, diverse selection of alien races, and fascinating storytelling methods. Players will be able to experience travel, exploration, and interactive fun during interstellar travel, and learn more stories about different alien races. 5. "Total War: Rome 2" "Total War: Rome 2" is a PC platform exclusive strategy and tactics game. The story of the game will take place in the most famous era of war in history, combining the largest expansion war and the most magnificent real-time battle scene, the largest in the series. In the game, players can establish their own dynasty. Whether it is advocating goodness, peace, killing, advocating democracy, or tyranny, everything is determined by the player's own preferences, so this game is also not inferior to simulation games in terms of freedom. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the strategy stand-alone game. I hope that the 1-point answer about the strategy stand-alone game will be useful to everyone.

Strategy stand-alone game, how many large-scale stand-alone strategy games? , Top 10 real-time strategy stand-alone games

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