Crown of Solasta Mage➣➣Equipment of Crown of Solasta Mage

➣➣This article will tell you about the crown of Solasta Mage and the corresponding knowledge about the equipment of Solasta Mage Point, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, don't forget to bookmark this site. Article catalog: 1. Solasta Mage Crown Mage Spell Recommendation Mage's skill reviews of each ring 2. How to play Solasta Mage Crown Rogue 3. Solasta Mage Crown Powerful occupation recommendation Full occupational strength ranking 4. Solasta Mage's Crown Shift Cloak The fastest way to get started Solasta Mage's Crown Mage's Spell Recommendation Mage's Skill Reviews of Each Ring 1, High Damage Skill Core Magic Missile Solasta Mage's Crown, Fireball Solas Crown of the Tower Mage, Wall of Fire. Because the magic missile must hit, even if the fireball doesn't hit, it will do half the damage. It's still an AOE group attack, and the fire wall is more important than the group damage. The game spells have hit chance making cataclysm mode and normal mode into 2 games. 2. Let’s take a look at the Solasta Mage’s Crown Priest Spell Recommendation Priest 1 ring (the priest 1 ring has a lot of practical skills, and the spell slot is very tight): piety shield: yyds, the core of the early and mid-term under the difficulty of catastrophe Skills, even in the late stage, still have an important position. 3. Mage, a dnd running group without a mage has no soul, especially the fireball and ice cone in the thunder mage can have a higher-level spell position effect for nothing, which is really fragrant. It is worth mentioning that in the mid-term, after getting the blueprint of the queen's clothing, I made it as soon as possible. With the defensive wrist and agility bonus, the armor is ridiculously high. 4. The unique anti-anti-war method uses defense as offense, and the cost of spell slots is extremely low, which is very suitable for the three consecutive battles in the late game. 5. First of all, let everyone familiarize themselves with the basic skills of mages. Only by understanding the attributes of each skill can you better compare and choose. Resist the ring of fire The effect of resisting the ring of fire: the hero will push away the surrounding targets, but there is no damage. The mobile version of Thunderbolt 2: Thunderbolt summons lightning to attack monsters. Solasta Mage Crown Rogue How to Play Stealth Get an elf cloak, and wear archery wristbands when playing long-distance. In particular, the Solasta Mage Crown is a spider shoe that does not need to be attuned, so it is recommended that everyone have a pair. Let's take a look at the ranking of Solasta Mage's Crown and the strength of all occupations. First, let's talk about the conclusion. Paladin "Mage" Priest = Ranger "Warrior" Rogue Paladin: The strongest in all occupations. Take the Juwu route and suggest Tim's oath. Because the pursuit can bring out additional damage such as holy slash, divine grace, and concealed natural disasters. This is the only example of a build that can kill an enemy without standard actions. The two nannies rely on the "Sorasta Mage's Crown; the spiritual weapon" Solasta Mage's Crown; the attack and damage are also free-for-all, and the cost of spell slots is extremely low, so it is called free-for-all tactics. All members are human shields: three people hold shields, AC28/27/27/21 (Mage). There are two nurses in the team who are responsible for blood recovery and resurrection. Let me share with you a method of distributing sacred objects in the Solasta Mage Crown camp. The Arcane Association sells prepared weapon accessories, which are necessary for manufacturing and upgrading. The Antiquities Association sells magic items, all of which are good things, and most need the camp with a favorable opinion of 80+. Solasta Mage's Crown Strong professional recommendation Ranking of full professional strength 1. Monk: The advantage is fast speed, very flexible, strong auxiliary ability, excellent continuous combat ability, is the strongest meat shield of the team, and has strong physical attack. But it pays more attention to skills; the disadvantage is that the attributes are relatively balanced, there is no strong attack power, and the operation requirements are extremely strict. 2. Let me share with you the Solasta Mage's Crown. The optional racial occupation illustration. Priests use divine power to protect their allies and strike their enemies. While clerics are known for their healing magic, they are also able to hold their ground in battle and stand up to evil at hand. 3. The operation difficulty of Windwalker is lower than that of Outlaw, and with Kyrian bonus, the overall strength is also good. The healing power of the new version is not high, and the general team still chooses milk shaman for healing, and milk shaman is particularly strong in DPS. T2 occupations: evil dk fire, milk monk, milk cavalry, DKT, anti-cavalry, law, god animal husbandry, survival hunting, weapon warfare, demon magic, etc. The fastest way to get the Solasta Mage's Crown Shift Cloak 1. Solasta's Mage's Crown ranger weapon recommends shield-based power. The Rangers didn't get off to a good start picking this style, but there's nothing to say they shouldn't be using it anyway. It just means you'll need to find a good weapon and shield later on. Until then, you can keep the default device. 2. Take the Juwu route and suggest the tim oath. Because the pursuit can bring out additional damage such as holy slash, divine grace, and concealed natural disasters. If you take the single weapon + shield route, it is recommended to take the oath of hometown. AC can be superimposed to very high, but in cataclysm mode, monsters will give priority to hitting your lowest defense person. It's up to you to think about how to do this. 3. As long as you do branch lines, it will be full automatically. All camp relics can make two camps reach 80+ at most. It is recommended to choose ancient relics and arcane associations. Dannan 50+ is enough, and the rest is given to the tower of knowledge. 4. Aqsa's diary is a locked book that contains Aqsa's notes after arriving in the fortress. Location: Aqsa's lair in the Bonehold. Rewards: +5, 25 coins Factions of interest: Paleographers, Arkaneum, Circle of Dananta, Tower of Knowledge. That’s all for the introduction of the Solasta Mage’s Crown. Thank you for taking the time to read this site. For more information about Solasta’s Mage’s Crown equipment and Solasta’s Mage’s Crown, don’t forget to click here. station to search.

Crown of Solasta Mage➣➣Equipment of Crown of Solasta Mage

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