Maojian tea picture Daquan Maojian classification? , Big picture of Maojian tea picture

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the question of Maojian tea picture collection, so the editor has compiled a related introduction Maojian tea picture collection The answer, let's take a look. Hair tip classification? Hair tip classification? 01. Xinyang Maojian Xinyang Maojian is mainly produced in Xinyang, Hunan. The characteristic of nephritis Maojian is that its shape looks relatively uniform and neat, and the color is also very bright green and shiny. After soaking in water, Xinyang Maojian will have a very refreshing smell. The aroma is tangy and lasts for a long time. The tea brewed with wool tips has a very strong taste in the mouth. The color of the tea soup is light green, sometimes yellow-green, but overall, the color of the tea is very bright and clear. 02. Weishan Maojian Weishan Maojian is produced in Weishan Township, Ningxiang County, Hunan Province. The shape of this kind of Maojian looks like some curls, the color is yellow and bright, and it looks relatively oily. After brewing tea , the tea is orange-yellow, and looks relatively translucent. The overall aroma is very strong, and there is a taste of pine smoke in the mouth. The most unique feature of this kind of Maojian lies in the production process. Generally, when making Weishan Maojian, there is an extra step, and this step is smoking. 03. Duyun Maojian Duyun Maojian is also called fine hair tip or white hair tip. In some areas, this kind of hair tip is also called Que tongue tea or fishhook tea. In fact, Duyun Maojian is very famous in Guizhou, and it is one of the three famous teas in Guizhou. It is mainly produced in the Tuanshan and Dacao areas of Duyun Mountain, Guizhou. The characteristic of this kind of hair tip is that the shape is relatively uniform and tidy, and the aroma is also very cool. The tea brewed is green with yellow, and the whole tea soup is also green with yellow. 04. Huangshan Maojian Huangshan Maojian is produced in Xinmin Township, Huangshan District, Anhui. This kind of Maojian is made from the leaves of the local big-leaf tea tree. The biggest feature is that the shape is relatively straight, and the color is also very good. This kind of Maojian tea looks relatively bright, and the taste is also rich in fragrance. Huangshan Maojian is still very popular in the market. Drinking more can reduce blood fat and blood pressure, and even have a whitening and beautifying effect. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Maojian tea picture collection. I hope that the one-point answer about Maojian tea picture collection will be useful to everyone.

Maojian tea picture Daquan Maojian classification? , Big picture of Maojian tea picture

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