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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about the problem of single-page design, so I have compiled 3 related answers to the introduction of single-page design, so that Let's see it together. How to design a single page with many texts? Teach you how to design a leaflet? How to use a single page to arrange the atmosphere of the store? How to design a single page with many texts? When designing a PPT page with a lot of text, the most important things to pay attention to are the following aspects: 1. When there are many words, it must be neat. Since there is no impact and shock, neatness is the first element of beauty. Don't make the rows messy just because there are too many words. Not to mention that there are too many characters to make the font size of the text vary. I often see such works. If there are a lot of characters on a certain page, the font size will be reduced; It's full. This is not desirable. 2. If there are fewer colors and more words, there will be a situation where the focus is not concentrated, and there are many places that need to be emphasized, so many people use different colors to distinguish them, so there is a lot of color, but there is no focus. It will be red for a while, green for a while, and I don’t know which one to emphasize in the end. If this is the case, just boldly highlight the title and make the content the same. If you really need to highlight the main points, please make them separately. 3. Appropriate use of font styles to make the hierarchy clear. There are very few fonts and effects that come with our office, nothing more than bold, italic, underlined, etc., so this effect is often not very prominent, lacking eye-catching contrast. At this time, you may wish to use more font styles, especially in the newer version of powerpoint, there are rich font styles, using them can immediately highlight the title and key parts. These styles can be customized. 4. Animation is also very important. What to do when you can’t fit a large paragraph of text, don’t change the font size casually, try to divide a paragraph into two paragraphs, appearing one after the other, so that the text on one page will not be too much, and the font size can be enlarged to meet the needs of the leaders. The key points that need to be highlighted can also be animated to make a blank page stand out, so that both can be taken care of. 5. Bold blank space. As the saying goes, airtightness is impenetrable, and sparseness can be used as a horse. If there are too many words, it is necessary to emphasize white space. Because although there are many characters, widening the line spacing and margins on both sides can make the layout less crowded. Don't make it look really crowded when it's already crowded. It makes people feel bored and dizzy at the sight of it. Teach you how to design a leaflet? 1. When making leaflets, the color matching should be eye-catching and in line with the positioning of the product. The collocation of colors should be able to attract consumers, which can arouse consumers' interest and prompt them to read further. The choice of color needs to be matched with the product. For small pink cakes, the matching background color should also be relatively small and fresh. If you choose some brighter or strong colors, it will look out of place. 2. Leaflet design should highlight key information. When designing leaflets, information is very important, because it is the key point to help consumers understand the product and strengthen their desire to buy. Generally speaking, it takes a few seconds to read a leaflet. To attract consumers' attention in such a short period of time, it is necessary to control the content and highlight key information. When designing a flyer, you can emphasize text information by changing the font, size, and color of the text. 3. Although the background of the leaflet below is more complicated, it uses a more dazzling red color, but in contrast, the text part is a contrasting white, and the text is very large, and the graphics are used to continuously mark the benefits , allowing everyone to see key information at a glance. 4. When typesetting leaflets, arrange them according to people's visual habits. For example, the most important information should be placed in the middle or upper middle of the leaflet, and the rest can be arranged from top to bottom and left to right. Typesetting in order to the right. 5. Blank space is a very common technique in graphic design. It is more artistic and can leave room for everyone's imagination. When designing a leaflet, proper blank space can enhance the style of the leaflet. How to use a single page to arrange the atmosphere of the store? A vivid, three-dimensional and effective marketing in the store can often stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Using a single page to design a three-dimensional shape is very attractive to customers and impacts consumers' vision. It is one of the design methods often used by stores. The biggest feature of using single-page design is to emphasize the expression of the overall sense of form of the store, that is, the effective combination of products and single-page design. Because the form is overemphasized, the effect of the overall store must have characteristics and exquisite creativity , so as to attract users' attention and let users follow the overall design to experience store products. The overall and partial elements of the product must be run through in the single-page design topic, and there must be an uninterrupted feeling and visual effect in the overall store. Warm products that make customers feel full are worth viewing or buying, forming a more complete experience and visual understanding of the entire store for users, and leaving a deep impression on them. If you use a single-page design in a large storefront, and the overall design performance cannot be achieved in the actual demand application, then you should try to achieve a single-page design effect in a local area or the use of certain elements, which can also be very good Effectively attract customers and effectively play the role of publicity. Partial elements of single-page design are also very important. From point, to line, to surface conception and expression, it not only produces a partial shape, but the independence of a content, allowing customers to have a sense of The desire to participate in award-winning activities requires us to zoom in on the details in the design. Sometimes the size of the store space should also be considered when using a single-page design. Pay attention to the white space and the sense of space of the store. Try to make the walls tight and the space loose, so that the overall storefront is creative and has a practical publicity effect, balancing the compactness of the store. The design makes the store full of the rhythm of the times. At this point, the above is the small editor's introduction to the problem of single-page design. I hope that the 3-point answer about single-page design will be useful to everyone.

Single page design, how to design a single page with many texts? ,Single-page design picture

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